Everyone agrees that books are essential to the happiness and development of children - from a simple introduction to the world around them for toddlers, to books which stretch the minds and imaginations of teenagers, and everything in between. Above all, books should always be a good experience for the child at any age.


Thousands of children's books are published every year and many times that from the past so how do you find the right books for children? You come to Pappeye !


Pappeye chooses the ones that will engage them, amuse them, and give them that something extra as they are growing up.


Pappeye picks the best books for children to enjoy over and over again.




Pappeye specialises only in children's books and just selects the books children will enjoy, the best-written and illustrated, the ones children will return to again and again.


Pappeye makes sure ALL BOOKS ARE DISCOUNTED - by an average of around 20% - unlike some other internet children's booksellers.


All books are sent by first-class post - so ALL members get priority treatment, without having to pay huge amounts upfront for fast deliveries.


You can buy just about any children's book in print in the UK, all at good discounts, just by using the SEARCH button.


Who's Pappeye?


Pappeye has spent all his working life in books, mainly children's books, co-founded The Red House and spent over 25 years running this top book club and choosing the books that millions of children enjoyed each year. He's back now with his four daughters and seven grandchildren to help!