Pappeye's Top Ten Book Picks by Age


These ages are just rough indications. Reading Ages and Age Interests vary from child to child, and from time to time. Children should read what they enjoy - it may be easy to read or tough to read or somewhere in between.

Pappeye's Top 10 for Ages 0 to 3


Pappeye thinks it’s never too early to start reading to children.

Here are 10 of the best picture books all babies and young children should own :

Pappeye's Top 10 for Ages 3 to 5


At a time when children can get addicted to TV, Pappeye has 10 sure-fire winners they’ll want again and again :

Pappeye's Top 10 for Ages 5 to 7


When children are beginning to want full-length stories, especially at bedtime,read the best to them -

and Pappeye guarantees they’ll soon be reading for themselves.


Pappeye's Top 10 for Ages 7 to 9


Keep children interested with the most exciting books. Here are 10 everyone should read :


Pappeye's Top 10 for Ages 9 to 11


Some children lose interest in reading from 9 upwards. These 10 will make sure they’ll love reading forever :


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